Devotion to detail

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At TRAF, quality is our top priority.

Following Aeronautics standards, we do target nothing less than a 100% compliance rate, and this is what we get every day.

To achieve this, we follow a rigorous process :

  1. We carefully prepare the materials, tools and equipment
  2. Then, the first piece is inspected thoroughly to ensure that it meets the client’s specifications and tolerances
  3. Subsequently, the technician checks systematically critical dimensions of each part produced to ensure that the quality is throughout
  4. When the order is completed, another technician checks critical dimensions again of a few samples of the lot to confirm that everything is consistent
  5. Finally, parts are carefully packaged to ensure that they will not be damaged during transport


At your request, we can provide certificates of compliance and inspection reports with your order. Saving you from having to conduct an inspection upon reception; thus, saving you time and labor.


Receive your parts late can sometimes have serious consequences on your operations or profits;

This is why at TRAF, we take pride in always delivering on time as scheduled. If we cannot meet your expectations, rest assured we will discuss it with you from the start ; thus, avoiding unpleasant surprises.