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Advanced Components

Complex Geometry

  • We thrive on the challenge of machining complex geometric parts.
  • Our 5‑axis DMG‑MORI DMU50 Ultrasonic milling centre equipped with
    a robot pallet changer allows us to tackle any advanced shape
    cost effectively.
  • Additionally, our 4‑axis DMG‑MORI NLX1500SY lathe with live tooling can produce high quality complicated parts.
complicated geometry

Hard and Brittle Materials

  • The ultrasonic feature on the DMG-MORI DMU50 pulses the shaft between 20,000 – 50,000 Hz with small amplitudes between 1-15 μm while machining the part.
  • High performance materials which are normally difficult to machine can cost-effectively be processed with the highest of quality.
  • The unique features of the Ultrasonic technology are (depending
    on material):
    • Up to 40% reduction in machining forces and tool wear.
    • Up to 3‑times higher material removal rates.
    • Excellent surface finish. Possible to obtain Ra < 0.2 μm.
    • Improved particle flushing due to smaller chip sizes that improve cooling, accuracy and surface finish.
    • Significant reduction in sub‑surface cracks improving quality and making thinner walled parts feasible.
  • Examples of Hard and Brittle materials that can be machined are:
HardHard and Brittle
Super alloysCMC
TungstenHIPed Zirconium
TitaniumQuartz glass
René 95Sapphire
  • We can of course machine conventional materials such as:
    • Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass
    • Acetal (Delrin), PPS (Ryton), PTFE (Teflon), PVC, Nylon