• TRAF takes pride in our agility to ensure that the client receives the
    required result.
  • Being responsive, flexible and investing in next generation technology are the keys to moving quickly with the customer.


  • We work in real-time to analyze your problem with an empowered team setting that has shared purpose and vision.
  • We have a flat structure with clear accountable roles to help tasks move forward quickly.


  • There will be twists in the road, especially when working on parts that have been recently developed.
  • TRAF is adaptable to your changing requirements and driven to execute the plan as per the performance criteria while embracing role mobility.
  • We engage with our clients keeping them up-to-date with effective measurable feedback.
  • We are lateral thinkers committed to properly identifying the problem and dealing with it in a frank professional manner.

Next Generation Technology

  • TRAF has a tight experienced team and everyone from the President to methods, programming, production and QC are readily available to support the changes.
  • Our new 5-axis DMG-MORI DMU50 Ultrasonic milling centre and 4-axis DMG-MORI NLX 1500SY lathe are combined with evolving systems to ensure the next level of delivery practices.
  • Throughout the process, communication with the customer helps
    confirm expectations.