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  • As a AS9100, ISO9001 and CGP certified supplier our commitment to quality begins the day we evaluate your project and continues through to project completion.
  • We are adept at providing FAI parts, Inspection Reports and sampling to support your quality objectives.
  • To ensure that parts meet the specifications, dimensions are confirmed using our Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active CNC vision measuring system which also features a touch probe. Additionally, the Brown and Sharpe One CMM is also available.
  • We have a thorough and meticulous process that is driven by perfection.

Precision Process and On Time Delivery

  • Quality delivered on time requires a commitment to achieving perfection throughout the process:
    • Project review determines the preliminary project feasibility.
    • Evaluate the Go, Risky and No-Go project elements.
    • Finalize requirements with the client.
    • Simulate the machining process to ensure production feasibility.
    • Identify material and tooling availability.
    • Confirm mechanical assembly and OP requirements.
    • Confirm quote.
    • Plan and schedule production that meets client’s requirements.
    • Confirm FAI/first‑of specifications and dimensional stability in the machining process.
    • High precision machining of advanced components.
    • Inspect and complete reports as required.
    • Package and ship as per client’s requirements.
    • Follow‑up with client as needed.
  • TRAF is committed to striving for perfection and ensuring the timely delivery of your quality product.